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Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) Review

Pure coming-of-age romp-fest; harnessed with stoner buds, shirts off, babes, sex, love, and growing up, Fast Times at Ridgemont High is Amy Heckerling’s showpiece and celebration of 80s teen flicks. It’s totally relaxed, easy-going and fun; there’s no such thing as drastic consequences, it’s all carefree and sophomoric enjoyment for these characters. It’s hardly momentous or on the same level as The Last American Virgin despite a similar plot, however, its characters are so damn unique that its hardly needed.

This film is the right amount of comfort. Its soundtrack is banging, the girls are smoking, and the 80s charm is endless. Life lessons are basically invalid but somewhat brought upon here. In other news, Phoebe Cates is at a close tie with Diane Franklin for 80s teen-movie babe. And most importantly, Sean Penn’s Jeff Spicoli will forever go down as cinema’s greatest stoner. This seriously may have my favorite set of 80s teen faces, all in one boisterous, coming-of-age classic that frankly never gets old.



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