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Evil Dead (2013) Review

A nasty, gory-glorifying incantation of the bloodiest ball you’ve ever seen, Fede Alvarez’s directorial debut is one grisly and unforgiving mess of a remake; a perpetuating onslaught of practical gore and bloodshed, both exhilarating and mildly underwhelming. Evil Dead sees the return of the cabin within the woods; the one that erupted such savage amusement and horror in Sam Raimi’s trilogy, this time soaking its blood in the modern horror age in both good and bad favor.

The cinematography is, of course, a delight. Trees shrink and compliment the grim look of everything, absorbing a ferociously scary package. Alvarez’s sophomore feature Don’t Breathe very much elevated and showcased the director’s knack for including such hypnotic camera work. This is probably the highest remark with Evil Dead; where else its character are underutilized until they’re attacked in brutal fashion. Jane Levy is the standout, in fact, her performance is rather exceptional, but her character is almost toyed with until the third thrilling act.

Another thing, the film is hardly original. It brings a different, yet, familiar spin on the franchise that works to small benefit. However, its batshit banger of an ending is totally enthralling; a bloody embodiment of uproarious insanity. This, and only here, is where Evil Dead gets satisfyingly groovy.



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