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Slaughterhouse (1987) Review

What a miserable slob of a movie. This hogwild and humorless slasher Slaughterhouse is painfully nothing but a dull time, despite a promising opening. After that, things take a steep turn as the film falls into a simple, bland, and colorless void of slasher habits, giving off lousy Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes and a handful of disposable characters.

The over-40 club detracts from the (somewhat) better story: a group of teens cruising in an orange jeep. There’s nothing really to it, like a lot of slashers, but this one is so painfully annoying. The teens is where the fun is at, and yet, the film spends most of its first half with the sheriff and the slaughterhouse folk. This is another film that upholds the fact that average slashers don’t peak my interest until its third act. Even so, Slaughterhouse did little to heighten its entertainment. Overall, it’s sluggish and slow, and a lightless slasher with minimal fun.



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