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The Initiation (1984) Review

Sorority slasher The Initiation doesn’t do much to distinguish itself from any other slasher of its time. Its particularly hollow story is unsurprising, much like the kills, heavily borrowing from the genre’s handbook, and in all honesty, the film suffers from a bad blend of slasher and drama. Somehow, and sadly, it feels like the The Initiation is okay with the fact that it lies in the abundance of average slashers.

On one side it has the feel of a TV soap psychological-drama concerning an amnesiac woman having bad dreams. On the other it appears to be a very standard slasher. It isn’t as fun or self-aware as prior year’s The House on Sorority Row, notably because it doesn’t have the intelligence to expand or write a good group of characters – in fact, it doesn’t really own one until its final act, which I will say is the films high point.

However, I was merely entertained, and by the time its end credits rolled on screen, I wasn’t resentful the way I usually am with below average slashers. The Initiation works just enough to provide a somewhat enjoyably common, yet colorless and pedestrian work of the genre.



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