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The Funhouse (1981) Review

It’s obvious that Tobe Hooper enjoys showcasing the dirty and disgusting side of humans. Presenting the audience with fresh teens, silken in beauty and style, the director exposes them (and viewers) to the sinister flesh of man, and in his 1981 feature The Funhouse, carnies are represented as those grubby matures with madcap behavior and a desirable fixation on money. Essentially along the same lines as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, here we have a demonstration of the harsh and abhorrent actions towards innocents.

Inside the funhouse is the perfect concoction of 80s terror, locked up in a big bellowing slasher of sorts. It isn’t until after its 1 hour mark that these things kick in, peaking with a level of excitement and almost surrealism to it. It’s first half is basically a drawn-out and tolerable tease, considering the fact it plays with many references to old school horror flicks. In the end, The Funhouse doesn’t quite own near the same impact as Chainsaw, but it manages to work in its own weird and fun and totally Tobe Hooper way.



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