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Kong: Skull Island (2017) Review

Skull Island and its many curiosities. The inhabiting flesh of anomalous creatures, or monsters of such, discovered by man and greeted irrationally. While no-man land rages in a spit of fire and destruction, a new violence whimpers selfishly along the outskirts. In the wake of it, a king on his turf is greeted by the harshness of man. A great big-ball-of-fire-seduction act that just so happens to lure a tree-swinging monster the size of empire state. This is Warrior: Come out to Play, or Hell Hath No Fury Like a Scorned Gorilla: The Movie.

Kong: Skull Island is 21st-century-big-budget nonsense entertainment; a mindless and ferocious blockbuster of sorts, stunted by rubber stamp characters and a lack of real inventiveness. It’s stupid, but to the point where it merely has to be. This whole thing is stupidly grand. Think Apocalypse Now meets an explosion of a CGI fuck-fest with no real impact or significant meaning other than man is bad but can still try to fuck shit up when it gets real. Lesson learned? Don’t mess with a monkey’s home.



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