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Cheerleader Camp (1988) Review

Cheerleader Camp
, or more fittingly titled Bloody Pom Poms puts the sex-comedy slasher sub-genre to both good use and shame, engaging with babes, bunnies, and the wild stench of late 80s culture. It’s all awkwardly wrapped in a watchable state, and with the amount of cheese accompanied, it puts you right in the zone of being dumbly entertained. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t somewhat enjoy it.

After all, it is a knock-off of what’s come before in the genre. The setting is textbook slasher and its mystery killer is funnily obvious. I can’t believe it took forty minutes for the film to let loose; before that it’s basically a cheerleader chick flick that just so happens to have some discovered dead bodies thrown in for good measure. The cheesy humor is a wild hit and miss, especially from the pudgy guy who spends his free time filming and spying on the women of the camp.

Throughout, Cheerleader Camp, it tries to create a psychological element within its leading girl, but, it fails hard. Apparently weird dreams are the best way to showcase how a character is coping. All in all, this film goes from flop to cheer in cheesy doses. It’s sexy, funny, and painful to watch (especially the white guys rapping scene), but after a long look, it isn’t the worst thing to witness. Hell, I had fun.





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