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Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) Review

“Strange, surreal, nightmarish?”, responds a skinless from head-to-toe Julia, after she asks her new friend what she looks like. It is true: her appearance is all those things. But her remark, however, is rather ironic considering that these three words are generally what differ Hellraiser from a lot of horrors from its time. And it’s obvious that the sequel has taken note. Aiming to expand on the surreal visions depicted in the original, Hellbound: Hellraiser II specifically ups the ante with its portrayed bleak universe, devoting a good amount of time in showcasing the act.

By the time the hellish labyrinth kicks in, it’s somewhat of a reliever. What comes before is reminiscent of the original, in fact, the story’s basis is basically repeated, which does make you wonder if this was an entirely necessary film or not. It is slightly better, in my opinion, thanks to more screen time from Kirsty, and an all around better cast. The gore is bloody and close at home to the original, however, there are hardly no new surprises. Hellraiser II is basically an honorable repeat that’s surprisingly lathered in greater wonder than before.



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