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Blue Velvet (1986) Review

At the bottom of a seemingly sparkling town is an untouched evil; a world of crime that plagues anyone who steps into it. This tradition applies to each one of David Lynch’s works, as he manages to explicitly expose the harsh light of day. From its metaphorical zoom into a dead severed ear, to its mysterious blend of sex and violence, Blue Velvet is the tale of an ordinary man’s curiosity; one that leads to uncovering a dark underbelly. The result, of course, is forever tantalizing to see as its mystery unfolds in the hands of one of cinema’s greatest.

An ear, a woman, and a maniac, this 1986 masterpiece is shockingly mesmerizing; a dreamlike fascination from David Lynch, gripping his audience with a beautiful amalgamation of good and evil, and the love that can always overcome. Its uncomfortable but sickly enthralling the way Lynch exposes such graphic and weirdly titillating madness. Also, Dennis Hopper is unconditionally perfect.



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