Blood Rage (1987) Review

This inescapably murderous slasher manages to deliver the two words in its title: Blood and Rage – which in any case for a slasher film is usually what the audience is wanting. Created during the genre’s downfall, Blood Rage is the well needed slasher-satire flick no one thought they wanted, spicing up weird humor and absurdly exciting kills in a formulaic and awkward, but surprisingly entertaining direction. To encapsulate what this film is like, consider it as the love child of Sleepaway Camp and Friday the 13th.

Like Dr. Loomis hunting Michael Myers, here the audience has Todd fresh out of a mental institution returning to his hometown to find his twin brother – the one who really should be in the loony bin. It’s silly and unworthy of explanation, but knowingly stupid to the point where everything seems to slide by. Blood Rage is made with an on-point and subtle satire that provides a reasonably fun watch. It isn’t good. But it is good at being wittingly not. If that makes sense.



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