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The Final Terror (1983) Review

The Final Terror is an easy slasher film to dismiss. Retaining a collection of poor critic reviews and an unpopular status to its name, it isn’t hard to disqualify the film entirely. So naturally, I was very surprised when I watched The Final Terror; it’s really an undiscovered slasher gem, and one that I had the privilege to see. The film blends survival with slasher in such a simple but effective way and it works a lot. The way it plays out is refreshing to the eye.

The typical woods backdrop is there. As limited beams of light shine through tight gaps in the trees, you can’t help but feel a sense of confined and airless dread in your lungs. Filmed on a low-budget and primarily shot handheld, the film has a distinctive appearance to it. Somehow it makes The Final Terror look quite mature. The cast is pretty fantastic, especially for how low-budget the film is. Not one dud performance, in fact, everyone ranges from good to great. Joe Pantoliano is of course superb as the bitter and anal Eggar. He would later appear in Memento and The Matrix, and his performances are rather mimicked here.

The Final Terror is essentially a slow burn slasher, and a very good one at that. It’s underrated horror to the max, and sadly it’ll stay the way for a long time. Hopefully it can reach a bigger cult status, because this thing ends in such a horrific and unforgettable way you’d wish more should have seen it.



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