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Angst (1983) Review

Gerald Kargl’s X-rated schizophrenic tale of a disturbed psychopath is simply one unhinged beast of a film. Powerfully bleak and not in the least cheerful, Angst is an unsettling insight into the deranged mind of a sociopath released from prison as he immediately seeks out new victims to kill. Stumbling upon a house that simply caught his attention, he takes out his angst and schizoid behavior on a family of three. The camera, in the most exceptional fashion, follows this psychopath throughout, in excrutiating detail.

Erwin Leder’s performance is simply phenomenal; the number one aspect that keeps the film’s momentum. It’s an out-of-this-world type performance; Leder seems to embody a different person, full of dread and harshly energetic actions. Angst‘s cinematography, too, is a gawping marvel to behold. The camera is suspended above characters, and the next its locked in with a claustrophobic close-up on the killer’s intense face.

For the most part, Angst is a disturbingly gripping feature, and one that details a day in the life of a madman in intense manner. Because of the attachment being only to one psychotically disgusting character, it is difficult to watch and endure – but perhaps it was created that way. I think so.


Dir. Gerald Kargl
Wri. Gerald Kargl, Zbigniew Rybczynski
Starring: Erwin Leder


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