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Blood Feast (1963) Review

The filmography of Herschell Gordon Lewis in the 1960s was nothing short of colossal, or even bold for that matter. With nearly thirty films around his belt, Blood Feast is what made him who he is known to be today: the Godfather of Gore. It was the world’s first splatter movie, and despite my disliking towards the film, I still respect its stature in cinema.

However, Blood Feast is honestly one repulsing and pathetic piece of splatter cinema, and one that feeds on the alluring details of women in lingerie and bikinis, then strikes on them in a rampage of perverse gore and sadism. Blood Feast works like a porno, except the sex is traded for gore, and furthermore, it heaves in the horrendous dialogue and terrible direction between, with laughable, melodramatic performances. Perhaps it is only charming with its campy and odd behavior from characters, specifically serial killer Faude Ramses. The dude has one wicked set of eyebrows.

It was the first of its kind; like it says on the poster, nothing so appalling had been done in the annals of horror. But of course, critics reprehended Blood Feast despite the amount of people that flocked to theaters to see it. Yet today, it hardly holds up, although I can’t help but weirdly recommend seeing it. Blood Feast is nothing more than an early splatter exploitation film worth seeing just to be seen.



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