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It Follows (2014) Review

It Follows has one of horror’s best premises of the decade. A curse transmitted through sex, like an STD, that will endlessly follow you – until it gets you. Now, that alone deserves the highest amount of praise I can give to this film, whereas some other aspects seem to fall flat for me. At the time of its release, It Follows was on my radar like no other, simply because I was familiar with the premise and nothing else, and I do remember feeling bummed out when it wasn’t everything I wanted it to be. Seeing it again, I still feel in the same manner.

Innocence, virginity, love, sex. It’s a huge metaphor for the dangers of unprotected sex, but also, it can translate to the lust and love and experiences of the youth; the nostalgia. It’s dark, scary, and wonderful, and It Follows makes that clear. It’s music mimics a John Carpenter track and it seemingly fits well; both beautiful and haunting; another praise goes towards that. Cinematography, too, is fantastic and great to see in a low-budget horror.

At its core, It Follows is a Teen horror flick – and a good one. Except it bends the rules and is hazardously slow paced with a few uninteresting filler conversations and iffy performances from certain actors. As much as I love to talk about this film, I can’t say the same about watching it.



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