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Shutter (2004) Review

It’s amazing to think that Shutter – a film so masterfully chilling and terrifying – is hardly cited or placed in such “scariest films ever” lists. In all honesty, I was regularly trembling in my seat throughout. This Thai horror has every right to be next to other classic horrors or “scariest films ever”. Shutter is one triumphant and perfect illustration of Asian Horror in cinema – which is very surprising, considering the amateurish impression that occurs in its opening twenty minutes.

In terms of scares, this film has a lot, including of course the loud and abrupt jumpscare. As much as it is hated in horrors today, here it’s effective and never bloated. The tension is slick and the anticipation is slicker – ending it with a jumpscare is even better. Its mystery, too, is fairly well done, with each minute exploring it even deeper than before. It’s too bad I wasn’t enthralled at all in its opening.

Shutter took its time to grasp my attention. I had no care for the characters, the story took off too fast, and it felt it was borrowing to much from Ringu or even Ju-On or Pulse. But by its halfway point, it proved me wrong. No way did I guess I’d be seeing one of the scariest films ever, and all thanks to my recent interest in Asian Horror.



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