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Battle Royale (2000) Review

Battle Royale is the story of young hearts in a harrowing and horrific situation: they are to kill or die with the ones they love. It’s one of the few films to successfully fuse a grim plot with an airy and beautiful appreciation to its characters. Both unaware and aware of Battle Royale‘s premise, today’s generation is one to associate its barbaric tale with The Hunger Games franchise, and as much as it is a shame, it isn’t surprising. A film like Battle Royale is hardly targeted for the young adult audience. Its bleak, bloody, terrifying, and frantically paced, but its also beautiful and rather delicate with its portrayal of young characters, despite how many are slaughtered. However, there isn’t anyone as evil as the adults who put together the infamous Battle Royale, which is something the film makes clear.



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