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The Monster (2016) Review

At night it’s dark and scary; with no one to hold it’s even worse. The Monster encapsulates that fear with its dim and mystic woods that surround the film’s lead characters for the near entirety; seemingly closing in and overtaking their thought of mind. At times, it’s far from the average horror. In fact, Bryan Bertino’s third horror feature is at best an enrapturing mother & daughter tale, lathered in the thought of inescapable dread and invisible terror.

The Monster allows the audience to digest the disjointed relationship between the mother and daughter to the point where its flashbacks begin to grow tiresome. It’s obvious it was done to stretch the story to ninety minutes, which it does so with an added one minute. Its setup is however refreshing to watch, with Zoe Kazan giving a good and startling performance that gels quite well with her young co-star Ella Bellentine.

Here comes the bad part – the film begins to increasingly flaunt the monster towards its third act. After all, it is the title of the film. Sadly though, its above average presence leaves a bittersweet taste. In all honesty, it appears lousy and second rate. In spite of the film being unsettling a well amount of times before its arrival, the monster just so happens to kill a lot of tension the film had.

Towards its finale, it lost my attention. I’d seen it all an hour in and still had to undergo a further tolerable thirty minutes. That in mind, it isn’t terrible. At the most its a questionably good film. Behind this project is passion – although, it just isn’t there a lot. For what it is, The Monster could have been a shorter ride through the darkness.



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