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Friday the 13th Part II (1981) Review

The second chapter in the murderous and money-making Friday the 13th franchise not only introduces a brand new killer, but let’s us treasure the fact that Amy Steel is our final girl. She brings the series’ finest presence in what is particularly her movie, and in my opinion, it’s the down-right best and number one Friday of the lot. Exciting in many instances, padded with sublime kills, and a creepy and enduring Jason, not too mention with a sack on his head (and one eye hole!), Steve Miner’s Friday the 13th: Part II is the go-to film of the series to have a seriously fun as fuck time.

It’s exactly what makes a textbook slasher great. It knows what it is, without going too overboard. Like the first, it lets the audience almost mingle with the characters as we get to know them in the film’s first half. Between, it kills a couple of disposable characters, however, it’s done quite ominous, but on the other hand being a little unnecessary. I admire the campy quality to some campers, when really all they want is sex sex sex, and each main character has a moment or two where they’re showcased with who they are. I gotta say, no one was worth loathing, they’re more annoying than that, which almost makes them likable.

One of the genre’s finest, Friday the 13th: Part II sticks much to the slasher formula and doesn’t let go. It essentially is the first Friday, but conceivably more thrilling and oftentimes more technical in aspects. Its kills are great; violent and over-the-top at times, while offering a small hint of realism that strikes fear into its viewers. This being my fourth dose of the film, I can securely say this is the one Friday the 13th to see. And yes, this is a pretty great slasher, too.



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