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Friday the 13th (2009) Review

This nauseous-cash-grabbing-modern-horror century we live in is the worst. It was foreseen but not needed, and so a modern Friday the 13th installment was only bound to happen. As predicted, the 2009 remake/reboot is another shameful entry into the series, and one that disregards its fans entirely. Friday the 13th happens to encapsulate all that is wrong with modern horrors today.

For one matter, it is an extremely dim and mournful film. Sure, you could see the main group of teens as slightly amusing characters; providing the fun distraction from the darkness. But, the fact a likeness isn’t attributed to either one of them almost kills the fun that the film is demanding you to like. Undoubtedly, the innocent and unpresumptuous Clay, played by the likable Jared Padalecki, is the one character with a respectable personality and performance. Not until its finale did I have a share of appreciation or care for the surviving characters, which isn’t good.

The jumpscares are loud and pointless. Along with its different, but stupid structure of events. It takes twenty minutes for the title to appear, so why even show the damn title? Its opening almost plays like a bad parody, and the sex and female breasts that pop up now and then is almost jarring as it isn’t, just anticipated when it comes to a film like this. However, a reasonably good thing about the film is without a doubt the greatest arrow shot you will ever see. Other than that, it’s a mildly entertaining slump.



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