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The Edge of Seventeen (2016) Review

In the best way possible, The Edge of Seventeen is both conventional and unconventional to teen-movie standards. It does so with the knack of an obvious John Hughes influence. While there isn’t so much a beyond coming-of-age tale told, it’s remarkably fresh and exciting nonetheless, with a potent array of performances, particularly its lead.

Its opening twenty minutes are somewhat a slapdash effort when it comes to ‘this’ type of teen movie. It struggles to find the gap between a simple minded one and an independent, energetic, and quirky one. However, once things spiral downwards for our lead, played by the fantastic Hailee Steinfeld, it generally picks up pace, offering a different, yet suitably comical and compelling drama.

Although gently predictable, this coming-of-age story will occasionally stray away from the normality one would expect to see in a film as such. It’s funny at first, but in the end gives you something meaningful to walk away with, which is refreshing to see in this decade of high school movie doozies.



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