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The Living Dead Girl – Movie Review


Gnarly as fuck vampire tale The Living Dead Girl is a melancholy Jean Rollin, playing with ideas of abandonment, lost friends, and death. Once again the director intensifies the graphic violence, making for an unbelievably shocking and disturbing film that will leave you sick in the stomach.

Nonsensical spurts of blood hit the screen amongst the shrieks of a woman, clothed or not, displaying a level of discomfort and pain. It’s done in honorable fashion. Rollin aims to shock and discomfort audiences with these set pieces. And you can’t help but imagine the guy having a ton of fun behind the scenes. At stages, the gore is unpleasantly sickening, and whether you should applaud or immediately wash your eyes out is up to you. Just note that the last scene packs aplenty.

Besides the violence, The Living Dead Girl provides seamless cinematography like any Rollin film. The tone is quite perfect. Now and then there are jarring splashes of female nudity and the music reeks of 80s synth. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t hold anything remarkably significant other than shock value and a gorgeous look to each shot. Characters feel underused and lack appeal, while the pacing stumbles occasionally. All in all, The Living Dead Girl is a gloomy and gut wrenching horror that fits fittingly into the Jean Rollin filmography.



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