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Terror at the Opera – Movie Review


Headlined by a notorious set of glamorous kills, Terror at the Opera marks the finale in Dario Argento’s solid run of 80s charm, once more delivering the graphic and bone-crunching horror he’s well known for. Depraved and bloody, it makes for a well crafted and entertaining modern giallo.

Seek out the original Italian audio with subtitles. It’s far superior, opposed to the tacky English dub. Performances shine in Italian, highlighting Christina Marsillach’s honorably, as well as Daria Nicolodi’s. It’s easy to see that a lot of hard work went into production. Behind the scenes it was actually a total nightmare for anyone on set. Argento even doubted the whole project for a while after it was eventually released.

Each kill is totally vile and classic Argento, showcasing the directors deranged and fascinating mind. Its violence is torturous, and not only to the characters in the film. Yet the dreary focus on him is a little distracting. But thanks to the glorious invention of POV cinematography, the killer’s initial scenes are pretty damn great. Totally twisted is the psycho’s nature. Its pacing lifts up in the scenes of the killer’s games.

Unfortunately, the ending is melodramatic, and the pace is sometimes slow to a degree. Nevertheless, Terror at the Opera is a certainly mesmerizing watch, victorious and demented in the best ways possible. A wicked tale crafted by the wicked hands of Dario Argento in other words.



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