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Spider Baby – Movie Review


Appearing like a premature and far-out Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Spider Baby is a truly unbelievable and out-there horror, perfectly entwined in the whimsical nature of 1960s cinema. Originally titled Cannibal Orgy, the film is a classic Jack Hill oddity, both fascinating and bizarre and oh so unique.

Cinematography is cleverly atmospheric, with a nice black and white tone brooding within each deep and dark corner of the family house. If filmed in color it wouldn’t have brought on such an important effect, and it’d no doubt unfavorably enlighten the context of the film.

Jill Banner’s realized as a totally crazy nutter in her very first moments of the film, providing an exquisitely oddball performance alongside the rest of the mad hatter family. It’s all so black comedy, and yet so chilling. Their normal relative Peter is a total nice guy however, and a prime supplier of the film’s comedy.

Atmospheric, humorous, and genuinely deranged; an unforgettable and one of a kind experience from a wondrous director, Spider Baby is a wickedly fantastic cannibal comedy.



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