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Lips of Blood – Movie Review


Enlightened by nice images yet hampered by slack pacing, Jean Rollin’s Lips of Blood is a struggling erotic vampire horror loaded with an interesting premise and tasty shots but ultimately let down by an uneven amount of substance.

The bloodsucking beauties are almost a wasted element of the film. With hardly any depth, the vamps only make for nice kills and exposed chests. It isn’t a huge flaw though. They do make the best of certain scenes. Unlike the main lead who’s rather uninteresting; his hair is the defining feature of his persona, laughably overpowering the actor’s performance.

The vampires arrival is good enough, and so is the reveal of the mystery in the end. But between is eroticism in the wrong places, agonizing pace, and sappy character development. Unfortunately, Lips of Blood remains a rather disappointing predecessor to some of the director’s greater works.



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