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Fascination – Movie Review


“Drink my dear… It will bring back your color…”

Death takes the form of seduction in Fascination, an erotic and harrowing masterpiece from outlandish director Jean Rollin; a man who injects life and death into the subjects of his films, and this one miraculously shows it against the seductive nature of luscious shots, beautiful women, and obscure oddities.

Fascination has specs of blood all around but nothing overwhelmingly violent, unlike Rollin’s previous showstopper The Grapes of Death. However, it doesn’t stop situations feeling quite distressing to the naked eye. The shocking and twisted nature of some characters are unsettling to say the least. Brigitte Lahaie’s performance is weirdly intoxicating. She breathes crisp sexuality and horror into her role.

Fascination deserves countless revisits and reexaminations. It’s a luxurious piece of magical euro-horror. The location is perfect. The mood, cinematography, music; overwhelming in every sense. Blood is delivered. Totally awe-inspiring. A genuine masterclass of forbidden horror.



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