Film Diary 28th March – 4th April

Radical, powerful, and totally surprising; a film that can hook an audience weirdly and almost immediately. Props to the occasional moments of terror. Fuck high schoolers. Class of Nuke Em High is levels below this strangely effective 80s flick. It’s a film for the teachers who hate their students. Punks. Goddamn punks!

Enroll I wish I could, but I’d probably get stabbed.


A typical slasher… a cut above the rest. But it’s on a train – wait wut? Yeah, college idiots on a train ride. Try not to like it. It is fun.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a final girl, the same that’s been seen before but hard not to complain about.And David Copperfield is the super unsexy magician on the train. His shows are neat, and yeah, also fake.

A Decent slasher with a few exciting moments.
Wicked masks with a few exciting features.

Costume galore. Halloween night. We know the killer but under what mask is he hiding behind? Slow start. Frantic ending. It gets there in the end, but the majority is right in the middle.


ABC aired this somewhat friendly made-for-tv horror in 1985 and get this – it features Macaulay Culkin in his first on screen appearance! But like myself, you won’t recognize him. Wikipedia informed me of the fact.

Culkin’s disguised debut is not the only reason to check out The Midnight Hour. Music is grand. The characters are dorky. The demons, zombies, and vampires are dorky. Everything’s pretty dorky. Don’t expect a gem and you should have fun.



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