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FKA twigs / M3LL155X – EP Quick Review

The newest EP from FKA twigs holds an allusive cover, sure to beckon curiosity and bewilderment on unfamiliar listeners. For fans, it’s pretty and wonderful – a facet she trustingly attains – and those can thankfully be assured that it’s an honorable carry-on from last year’s LP1.

In its lyrics’ framework is the notion of wicked love. Considering herself and other girls as dolls in “i’m your doll”, the singer is overly jealous of a partner, echoing the words, “stop playing with those other girls/ you know it drives me crazy.” Sexy banger “glass & patron” is probably twigs’ most rapid tune, “do you have a lighter?/ am I dancing sexy yet?”, which is later synthetically quickened.

The five songs wander through a string of hypnotic and alarming beats – ditto instruments from LP1 appear regularly – and it’s every bit fascinating in both the production and the lyrics’ context.



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